Legally Blonde (er, Brunette)

I got into a Tier 1 I got into a Tier 1 (translation- a top 100 law school said “Yo, you’re in!”)!!  Thank You God!!  I prayed and prayed and prayed!  I’m so excited to have heard “yes” before I’ve heard a “no.”  Because with every no, I know there’s a YES that exists!  I still have about 10 (HA!) schools to hear from, but thankfully I heard from USD in beautiful San Diego!  Ooo lala I could be near my favorite crafter/blogger!  Alas, I still have a ton of schools to hear from.

I went to an interview today at a school I’m nixing off of my list with a proper low ponytail.  As soon as I got into my car I readjusted my hair.  Truth be told, I’m just a ponytail on top of my head kind of girl…

Keep your hair high and your goals higher! I may need to jump in on the Bump It action for that…

3 responses to “Legally Blonde (er, Brunette)

  1. congratulations, love! so proud of you! get excited for my road trips down to san diego! WOOHOOO YAY!!

    love you. let’s play soon, please!? yeah, ok. thanks!

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  3. woo hoo for law school! and you are totally a top of the head pony tail girl, I wish I could have seen a picture of you with a low one!

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