THE Artichoke

You should know… Artichokes are my FAVORITE food.  EVER (I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned this on here before).  I mean.  I LOVE them.  If they’re on the menu, I’ve ordered them… with a few exceptions:  1.  While I probably HAVE ordered it, I shouldn’t of: Spinach Artichoke Dip (I’m extremely allergic but oh man do I love it and am a HUGE connoisseur of it) and 2.  If it’s fried/grilled… WOOF!  I like them steamed to perfection.

Anyway, my family is on a bit of a celebration mode.  Seeing that I have to work tomorrow morning (a Saturday) at 7:30am I decided to spend a night in with them.  Initially I got a huge urge to head over to Hibachi, my favorite restaurant in the South Bay.  However, I headed to the grocery store becuase I got an itching to bake.  Truth be told, I love baking but HATE eating what I cook because, well, see this post.  So, while walking through Ralph’s I found myself eyeing Artichokes.  While they are my favorite… I’ve never had quite the luck making them.

“Dammit!”  I thought to myself, “They’re my favorite food, I better as hell learn how to make them right!”  So, I bought three of them.  And, I bought garlic and lemon (inspired from this meal).  I also bought salad fixings (what I know I do well at ha!) and salmon.  I scanned awhile over all of the different salmons and decided on an “all natural,” but frozen piece, which was preseasoned with a Thai pepper (fact: easy and BOMB!).  Obviously, my only feet was: Mr. Artichoke (cubed).

Naturally, I took to blogs and google.  I read, searched, read, and searched.  (go ahead, search “How to cook an artichoke” and you’ll find many options).  I decided to go with this.  So, I trimmed, I cut, I cleaned, I boiled and I steamed.

I followed EVERY direction.  Even put them on the veggie steamier thingiemabommer

and oh…


they were

AAWWFFUULL!! 😦  The were tough and bland and uuggghhh :(.  I was so so sad!  My mom kept telling me to not be sad that sometimes they’re bad artichokes (fact: she’s thrown out many a-artichoke in the past; fact2: I think we’re doing something incredibly wrong).

Ugh, I was so sad.  Everything else was FABULOUS… but the artichokes?  The very reason for my meal?  They were terrible. (Oh, and out of pure stubbornness, I ate the entire damn thing.)  Ugh.

Has this happened to you?  Do you have any suggestions?  What the hell is wrong with my artichoke loving heart?

One response to “THE Artichoke

  1. you are too cute. keep trying. even baker kathy messes up. i tooooottaly messed up a huge batch of sugar cookies, came out flat and burnt and just not pretty (and i’ve made them before!) so point is, just keep trying! and sorry, no suggestions, I’ve never made artichokes either!

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