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So, it is OFFICIAL!  I am staying in LOS ANGELES for law school!  That was my goal when I began this application process.  You see, I am blessed to have a sweeeeeeet living situation, and while I would DIE to have a roommate (honestly, I miss people, living on my “own” makes me kinda sad… I miss having someone to come home to- I’ll explain what my college living situation was like at another time) there really isn’t room for someone here (it’s a one bedroom apt) and I can’t pay rent elsewhere.

I still have yet to hear from 3 schools.  One of them is Notre Dame which I applied to on complete impulse (they sent me an e-mail urging me to apply).  However, I have decided that even if I did get into ND, I wouldn’t go (I keep hearing over and over that it’s most important to go to the best school you get into in the city -state at least- that you want to practice in… connections, connections).  The other two are USC & UCLA.  However, I am NOT holding my breath.  LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) provides this awesome program where you can input your LSAT score and your UGPA (undergraduate GPA) and a graph will appear…

The first shows my chance of UCLA, the second of USC… like I said, not holding my breath! 😉

While EVERY school I’ve gotten into besides Loyola (the one I’m going to!!!!) has given me a scholarship, Loyola has not.  Therefore, I must reduce all additional costs as much as possible.  So, staying in my current living situation is perfect!  Born and raised LA… what can I say?  I’m an LA (suburbs) kind of girl!


This is (our) town!

A view of LA from Dodger stadium on opening day!

My View

Watching Cake Boss while the BF naps. We had an amazing night with great friends. He woke up to play a soccer game which is why he’s out now 🙂 LOVE him.

Random Outburst

I do not believe that the best things in life are free. I believe that the best things cost you, a lot. They also tend to require a sacrifice.

Easter Round-Up

1. Mrs. A always does such a fun table set up on her deck!

2. There’s AA (aka the sister) and I… somehow we always manage to dress ridiculously similar, although I’m always a shade paler 😉

3. How amazing is the view from their home?  This was about an hour pre-quake

4. Mom and I also made her famous fudge (it’s actually her grandmother’s recipe).  We added jelly beans to make them still appear Easter!

1. The A’s have a fun family Easter tradition.  They dye eggs ahead of time and use them for decoration on the table.  After eating everyone grabs an egg and challenges each others to a smack!  You hold your egg with one end facing.  The other person takes their egg and hits you.  You then try to do it to them on their other point.  If your egg doesn’t crack you win and go on to the next person.  The last person to have their corners intact is the winner!  (Mrs. A then makes crazy amounts of egg salad… well, she usually does.  This year was a little different… exhibit #2)

2. The majority of the “kids” went into the tree house (I’ll do a full post about the awesomeness that is the tree house in a bit).  I stayed on the deck with AA’s sister-in-law, brother and cousin (truth be told, I was experiencing a bit a motion sickness after that earthquake and was not about to climb up a big ass tree).  Well, a devious look rolled over brotherA’s face and next thing I knew… those in the tree house were being pelted with hard-boiled eggs.  Absolutely hilarious bad bad!

3. The bf looking through his Easter basket from my momma once we got back to our place (you can see the news regarding the quake on in the background)

4. I threw the last one in for good measure 😉  yours truly about 24 years ago.

I hope your Easter was filled with as much fun and love as mine was!  While I love my family, I know the reason I am so blessed is I believe in a God who died on the cross for my sins and then ROSE from the dead.  Crazy, right?!  So blessed!

Easter Cupcake

It’s so funny how the easiest dessert sometimes gets the most attention.  AA’s sister-in-law asked me what the recipe was for the cupcakes… I responded with “Box.”  She looked at me in amazement and then said, “Oh, but the frosting?”  I responded with “Can!”  She was in complete shock.  For the most part, scratch is the way to go.  However, when it comes to yellow cake mix and vanilla frosting… save yourself the time.  The boxed stuff tastes just as good.

I’m fairly certain that my cupcakes/cakes only seem to taste better because of how fun they look!

I decided to try something new out and use some food coloring for the cake batter.  I divided the cake mix (after I had followed the box’s instructions) in three bowls.  One received pink dye, one had purple and the other I left untouched.  I added spoonfuls of each into each cupcake paper thingie (so technical, I know).  This was a bit time consuming.  It ended up coming out pretty neat, the color I put on last ended up sinking in the center and the first that was placed was basically the whole outside color.

I mistakingly didn’t take a picture of a cut cupcake, but oh well.  It was kinda hard to see, so I’m not sure that it was totally worth the time.  Maybe white cake would be better for food coloring?  I also added green dye to the frosting.

The food coloring that I have are all NEON shades (a total impulse buy that has turned out very useful!).  I used this food coloring before for CB’s baby shower a bit ago and had made the cupcakes the night before.  When I opened the box the next morning they were SO bright.  I think this dye needs an evening (or at least a few hours) in the fridge for it to really take.  I did the above Sunday morning, after Sunrise Service (6am) and before Easter lunch (1pm), so the green never really took.

I then busted out my cupcake tree from target (I don’t see the one I have on the website, but this one looks great too).  I put some tape underneath it so that the Easter grass wouldn’t fall through and ta-da!  Easter Cupcakes

I added a candy coated chocolate egg and a Peep to really bring it home

(The cross was made by my mom’s friend.  It’s a large piece of grass essentially.  Pretty cool, right?!)

Easter Cheesecake

Last weekend was AMAZING!  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends.  We spent it with the A’s on their huge deck that overlooks the ocean.  Ahhhmazing as usual!  Although… the earthquake was quite interesting being on a huge outdoor deck.

Mom and I were in charge of the desserts again.  The A’s are HUGE fans of chocolate, so we always make sure to make at least one dessert with chocolate.  I, however, am not a fan… so I try to make something fun for me.  While I truly believe you MUST have carrot cake on Easter EVERY year, I was overruled by my mother who refused to bring the same dessert two years in a row (though I wanted to switch it up this year and make thing into whoopie sandwiches)… I’ll definitely make cc again next year.  I missed it dearly this year.

We first decided upon making a raspberry cheesecake (the bf’s fave dessert is cheesecake) with a homemade crust.

Don't mind mom's glitter tiger shirt

After BD took a bite, Mom leaned over and asked him what his rating was from a 1-10 BD: “It’s really good!  I’d give it about a 7.4”  A 7.4?! WTF?! Apparently he’s quite the cheesecake critic and has never given one above an 8.  HA!  In his defense, the crust could have used some work.  It was really soggie and just gooey (I’m thinking maybe add more butter next time and cook it longer?) Other then that… it was a huge hit!