Artichoke & Dinner Take 2

Upset and baffled by my horrendous attempt at my last artichoke, I went at it again.  I spoke to one of the chefs at the restaurant that I work at and asked how he made our artichoke appetizer, specifically how he cooked his artichokes.  While I grew up in a household that swore by steaming them I thought I would trust him and go with his full blown boiling method.  So, I prepped the same way I did last time, but here’s how I cooked them:

*Boil water (fill the pot about 3/4 full)
I added garlic and lemon for flavor
*After water comes to a boil place artichokes inside and bring heat down to a simmer and place a lid on top.
*Cook for about 45 minutes (You’ll know when your artichoke is ready when you can easily pull off a leaf- *use tongs!*)
*Serve with melted butter (I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and an oil/candle thing- though I cleaned the dish like crazy- to put the butter in and keep it warm while you’re eating)

They were AMAZING!!  YUMyumYUM

I also cooked salmon lettuce wraps (sshhh!  They were SO easy).  I bought this amazing Thai salmon from Ralphs that was preseasoned and frozen (found by the fish department).  Then I picked up Boston lettuce, carrots (I shredded them), water chestnuts, brown rice, and a sweet and sour dipping sauce.  As you can see from the bf laying flat on his back… they went over very well!

Confession:  The above full boyfriend was surprised by this meal from me.  He came over to my apt thinking that we were going out and SHOCK… my place smelled of food!  Oh, and this was the FIRST time I’ve ever done this… and we’ve been dating for oh um… around 4 years 😉

Confession #2:  I had FUN!  It’s nice to have control and knowledge of what goes into your body… I’m excited to learn and experiment with future cooking skills

2 responses to “Artichoke & Dinner Take 2

  1. That’s how Mitch makes them! Be careful, you start cooking for him he’s going to make a habit out of it 😉

  2. oooh wow! so salmon in frozen aisle at ralphs? nice. i didn’t get into cooking until senior year of college, when i had that tiny kitchen at Mardi Gras, and i’ve come along way, i think you will too. and feel free to call next time you can’t find something. or you can always ask a ralphs dude ;p! love you! and love the pics of the meal, looks SO yummy

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