Easter Cheesecake

Last weekend was AMAZING!  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends.  We spent it with the A’s on their huge deck that overlooks the ocean.  Ahhhmazing as usual!  Although… the earthquake was quite interesting being on a huge outdoor deck.

Mom and I were in charge of the desserts again.  The A’s are HUGE fans of chocolate, so we always make sure to make at least one dessert with chocolate.  I, however, am not a fan… so I try to make something fun for me.  While I truly believe you MUST have carrot cake on Easter EVERY year, I was overruled by my mother who refused to bring the same dessert two years in a row (though I wanted to switch it up this year and make thing into whoopie sandwiches)… I’ll definitely make cc again next year.  I missed it dearly this year.

We first decided upon making a raspberry cheesecake (the bf’s fave dessert is cheesecake) with a homemade crust.

Don't mind mom's glitter tiger shirt

After BD took a bite, Mom leaned over and asked him what his rating was from a 1-10 BD: “It’s really good!  I’d give it about a 7.4”  A 7.4?! WTF?! Apparently he’s quite the cheesecake critic and has never given one above an 8.  HA!  In his defense, the crust could have used some work.  It was really soggie and just gooey (I’m thinking maybe add more butter next time and cook it longer?) Other then that… it was a huge hit!

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