Easter Cupcake

It’s so funny how the easiest dessert sometimes gets the most attention.  AA’s sister-in-law asked me what the recipe was for the cupcakes… I responded with “Box.”  She looked at me in amazement and then said, “Oh, but the frosting?”  I responded with “Can!”  She was in complete shock.  For the most part, scratch is the way to go.  However, when it comes to yellow cake mix and vanilla frosting… save yourself the time.  The boxed stuff tastes just as good.

I’m fairly certain that my cupcakes/cakes only seem to taste better because of how fun they look!

I decided to try something new out and use some food coloring for the cake batter.  I divided the cake mix (after I had followed the box’s instructions) in three bowls.  One received pink dye, one had purple and the other I left untouched.  I added spoonfuls of each into each cupcake paper thingie (so technical, I know).  This was a bit time consuming.  It ended up coming out pretty neat, the color I put on last ended up sinking in the center and the first that was placed was basically the whole outside color.

I mistakingly didn’t take a picture of a cut cupcake, but oh well.  It was kinda hard to see, so I’m not sure that it was totally worth the time.  Maybe white cake would be better for food coloring?  I also added green dye to the frosting.

The food coloring that I have are all NEON shades (a total impulse buy that has turned out very useful!).  I used this food coloring before for CB’s baby shower a bit ago and had made the cupcakes the night before.  When I opened the box the next morning they were SO bright.  I think this dye needs an evening (or at least a few hours) in the fridge for it to really take.  I did the above Sunday morning, after Sunrise Service (6am) and before Easter lunch (1pm), so the green never really took.

I then busted out my cupcake tree from target (I don’t see the one I have on the website, but this one looks great too).  I put some tape underneath it so that the Easter grass wouldn’t fall through and ta-da!  Easter Cupcakes

I added a candy coated chocolate egg and a Peep to really bring it home

(The cross was made by my mom’s friend.  It’s a large piece of grass essentially.  Pretty cool, right?!)

2 responses to “Easter Cupcake

  1. heather I am so impressed! those cupcakes are adorable! And the cross is something we Catholics make too;p it’s a Palm frond leaf and then those are burnt after Palm Sunday, week before easter, and used as the ashes for Ash Wednesday the following year. Just in case you wanted to know…. and once again, TOTALlY impressed with the cupcake tower you baking machine. And the Agajanian party looks fantastic as well!

    • Inspiration Necessary (by: Heather Brittany)

      Oohhh!! Haha yea mom’s friend Rosa made it. She’s Catholic so that makes total sense! Thanks. Cupcake decorating is way fun for me! I need to get cute decorating tools tho to make it easier!

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