So, it is OFFICIAL!  I am staying in LOS ANGELES for law school!  That was my goal when I began this application process.  You see, I am blessed to have a sweeeeeeet living situation, and while I would DIE to have a roommate (honestly, I miss people, living on my “own” makes me kinda sad… I miss having someone to come home to- I’ll explain what my college living situation was like at another time) there really isn’t room for someone here (it’s a one bedroom apt) and I can’t pay rent elsewhere.

I still have yet to hear from 3 schools.  One of them is Notre Dame which I applied to on complete impulse (they sent me an e-mail urging me to apply).  However, I have decided that even if I did get into ND, I wouldn’t go (I keep hearing over and over that it’s most important to go to the best school you get into in the city -state at least- that you want to practice in… connections, connections).  The other two are USC & UCLA.  However, I am NOT holding my breath.  LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) provides this awesome program where you can input your LSAT score and your UGPA (undergraduate GPA) and a graph will appear…

The first shows my chance of UCLA, the second of USC… like I said, not holding my breath! 😉

While EVERY school I’ve gotten into besides Loyola (the one I’m going to!!!!) has given me a scholarship, Loyola has not.  Therefore, I must reduce all additional costs as much as possible.  So, staying in my current living situation is perfect!  Born and raised LA… what can I say?  I’m an LA (suburbs) kind of girl!


3 responses to “LaLALand

  1. ummmmmm….. Im moving in… duh!!! i have officially informed my DM that I want to go home… told her to transfer me HOME!!! I want I want!!!!

  2. Heather Brittany

    ooooo!! AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!! Come home woman! Miss your face!

  3. Whoa that looks cool. Plus the rings make it look even cooler!

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