Monthly Archives: May 2010

Blogs Aren’t All Bad

Went to Phoenix for the long weekend for my cousin’s cousin’s wedding (they’re Italian with huge, loving hearts and made me family by default).

The cake had a neat “ribbon” going down it in the same cobalt blue that the bridesmaids wore (gorgeous color!).

During cake eating I leaned over to my cousin and whispered “Do you know why this ‘red velvet’ cake doesn’t have cream cheese frosting?” she said she was just wondering the same thing/ thought it tasted different. I said “It’s because cream cheese frosting melts, so you can’t make a wedding cake out of it.” #thingsivelearnedfromblogs

Thanks Elise Blaha Elise (err, EC) for that educational moment!


Disgusting Perez Hilton

This makes me so sad that he’s trying to sell shirts like this… a man who is, unfortunately, extremely influential to young people…

I saw a saying like this in Health Magazine over a year ago, but it said “Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels”  HEALTHY is the important thing.  Not skinny.  I’m so angered by this shirt he’s trying to sell… even more angered that he titled it “Words To Live By!”  Boo to you Perez Hilton.  I’m so disgusted with the person you are- well that you’ve become- I swear you were different a few years ago.  You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

Shopping Restraint

I hate almost everything in my closet.  Going through that phase where I realize I own a lot of pieces that I hate.  I feel in love with this sweater on Fashion Chalet.  Went all the way through to purchase it until I stopped at the last second and closed the window.  I was okay with paying 40 pounds… but when you realize that 40 pounds really means about $60 I stopped.  I will show restraint… I am about to go $150,000 in debt for school… let’s not make it any worse, mmmkay?

Ugh… tough.  I’ve also decided that if I do spend any money that it is for health reasons (i.e. workout classes, workout clothes, etc.)… you see, I’ve (ahem) put on a few lbs since this new waitressing job.  Which may be counterintuitive expcept when you realize I work nights and at a bar, with fun people… (meaning drinking, late night eating… no bueno).  So I’m going to get that together before I allow myself to buy pretty clothes…

But ugh, isn’t it soooo pretty?!

It’s a USC thing

Went to the spring practice game on Saturday with the bf and a crew. We went down on the field at the end to a. Walk on the field AH! And b. Say hi to our friend who’s on the team. Can’t wait until football season begins!