Shopping Restraint

I hate almost everything in my closet.  Going through that phase where I realize I own a lot of pieces that I hate.  I feel in love with this sweater on Fashion Chalet.  Went all the way through to purchase it until I stopped at the last second and closed the window.  I was okay with paying 40 pounds… but when you realize that 40 pounds really means about $60 I stopped.  I will show restraint… I am about to go $150,000 in debt for school… let’s not make it any worse, mmmkay?

Ugh… tough.  I’ve also decided that if I do spend any money that it is for health reasons (i.e. workout classes, workout clothes, etc.)… you see, I’ve (ahem) put on a few lbs since this new waitressing job.  Which may be counterintuitive expcept when you realize I work nights and at a bar, with fun people… (meaning drinking, late night eating… no bueno).  So I’m going to get that together before I allow myself to buy pretty clothes…

But ugh, isn’t it soooo pretty?!


One response to “Shopping Restraint

  1. I’m not a fan of that sweater, but I agree, I’m always sick of my clothes! lol!

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