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At Least Perez Hilton Tried?

Well, I’m glad you heard my anger, I suppose.

Though I have to disagree with you, once again… knowing that I have a place I will go when I die, knowing that I have a God that loves me and has a purpose for me… the faith I have, that feels better then any health could bring me.  You should have done what I had said… “Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.”  But, at least you’re not encouraging anorexia anymore…


Diane’s Fail

Diane’s Beachwear
When I first opened this email this morning I thought to myself “Damn! She looks gooood! I better not eat for the next four months.”. Upon further review I noticed that, well, she has no bellybutton. Assuming that she’s not an alien… I’m guessing that you may need to hire a new retoucher.