Happy 0 Birthday to YOU!

Happy 0 birthday to the newest addition to the S clan!  Little baby Michael is my cousin’s first baby and the first (basically) of that generation of the S clan!  Could not be happier for them! (btw, how CUTE of an idea is a 0 birthday party?!)


My cousin's wife made the hat. And the baby. She's crafty.

(P.S.  Well… I’ve started law school!!!  It’s CRAZY… therefore… this blog this is going to be EXTREMELY random and sporadic… I’ve also sliced my google reader roll by half… I physically do not have time… but I’m really excited to get to play when I can.  Love you all and thank you all for your support!!… here’s to a J.D. in 2013!!)


One response to “Happy 0 Birthday to YOU!

  1. you are too cute. and that baby is too cute. I can tell he’s going to be handsome. PS what is a google reader roll?

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