Monthly Archives: September 2010

Love to Love

EKS!  Tomorrow two of my very good friends are getting MARRIED!

Yup.  Those two amazingly beautiful, intelligent, wonderful and kind people are going to become Mr. & Mrs.!!  I can NOT wait.  I’m watching sappy movies to dry out my tear ducts until then.  I’ll let you know how that plan works…

Much love to you two!

Figured I'd put a lovely one in for good measure 😉


25 is so not the new 21

Probably the biggest sign I’ve had that I’m actually growing up?

Ringing my birthday in with a coffee mug instead of a red cup.


Fight On USC Fight On!

It was an ugly, scary, awkward, annoying game.  BUT it was a W.  And right now… we’re 2-0 while Fucla is 0-2.  I’ll take the W and the academic jump.

Let’s be honest…

And I’ve always had a thing for rooting for the bad guys.

Dear PETA,

Suck on this

Law School

Yup. It’s kinda like that.

When Bad Names Happen to Good Boots

Dear Boots,

I refuse to buy you solely on the fact that you are called “hipster booties.”  You can thank your Momma and Daddy DSW for giving you that name… you’d be in my closet/on my feet otherwise.

You could've been a contender... ((but you have a crappy name, so you're screwed))