Monthly Archives: November 2010

Quest to Veg

Sooo, I’m trying to go Vegan.  Not because I love animals (sorry PETA) but because meat keeps making me feel like CRAP.  I’m tired of getting food posioning or biting into tendons, etc.  I’m just done.  I’m a lac-tard anyways, so I figure, wtf… let’s try this vegan thing out.

Note: this also may have something to do with me going crazy in law school and wanting to control something else.  I had an extremely personal traumatic experience my freshman year in college and became a vegetarian for a year after that… so yea, I can admit that I may be doing it to focus my energy elsewhere haha 🙂

I got a food processor because I really wanted to try out this recipe.  I didn’t do the whole sushi roll thingie but was hoping it would be good for dipping veggies in.


It. Is. BORING. Honestly, just tastes like pureed almonds.  Oh, because it is you say… well, you are right.

Well, I also bough vegan deli meat and made myself a little wrap for tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

Finals are right around the corner… this year has been crazy.  Hopefully I’ll find some more time to write here… don’t be surprised if I throw up random pics so you know the library hasn’t eaten me… hopefully I taste like the boring almond paste and it’ll at least spit me back out.