Monthly Archives: December 2010


I hung out with my old boss/ soul mate/ complete opposite/ baby momma (of my “God” daughter… “” bcs we’re not catholic) for a craft your ass off day. It was great, as are times always with her. I also proceeded to suffocate my Nugget. I couldn’t stop holding her and kissing her. For the first time in my life I thought, “OMG, I want a baby.” not in the I’m going to get knocked up kind of way but in the someday I’m going to get married and then I want to have a baby (in that order… I know, so lame and old fashioned). It’s not like I ever didn’t want kids. But this was the first time where I really saw myself having a baby.
I’m totes getting old.

In my defense. This kid would make anyone want one.

See what I mean!?