KB’s Sunset

Sunday evening we all went down to the beach to say our final goodbyes to KB. Her family had opted to have a very intimate funeral, so her friends decided to do a casual memorial down at the beach, during sunset. The sunset was one of the most beautiful sunsets that we’ve seen in a while… beautiful pink and purple sky, with the blood orange sun melting into the ocean. The water was violent but quiet at the same time… there weren’t large crashing waves but rather a mix of small clusters all shooting in different directions. Towards the end of sunset, after fun stories and memories were shared, we all got up off of our blankets and walked to the water’s edge to drop a flower in, in memory of KB. As soon as we did that there was a noticable temperature change from tolerable to freezing (granted the sun DID go down and that IS what happens) but it still sent a chill up my spine to feel that cold right when I said goodbye.

I pray for her family and her close friends that they find peace in everything that happened… this death was somewhat different then the others to swallow because of what a tragic accident it seems to have been…

2 responses to “KB’s Sunset

  1. Heather,

    I cannot even begin to imagine the loss that you’ve endured. It’s good that you have a strong group of friends to gather together during this tough time and remember all the good memories you had with your friend.

    Keep your head up and keep smiling!

    • Inspiration Necessary

      You are so sweet… thank you for your note! Life is precious and God has a plan… I’m so fortunate to have the best friends in the world who truly are family… it’s great! But yes, I may have made them pinkie swear me and make a “No dying” clause. I also made Blake promise me that I’d die before he did… he agreed… now I’m worried he may kill me 😉 Xx

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